One Thousand Gifts Bible Study Starts AT 9PM EASTERN TIME/One Thousand Gifts Online Bible Study (Study Gateway Official)


“Honest question: Want to change your life? Change how you *see* your life.

But how do you change how you see your life? How do you learn how to practice seeing your world differently?

The research powerfully shows:

Write down gifts in your life & you *rewrite the paths in a your brain* to see the good in your life.

Everyone talks about how gratitude is the key to joy, but HOW do you actually make it your default, your practice, your life habit?

You need this free, online refresher course —

This is absolutely amazing & completely unexpected but our friends at FaithGateway (!!! Sister site to Biblegateway!!!) have chosen One Thousand Gifts as their next FREE (!!!) online Bible study, beginning November 18th and leading right up to Christmas.

So that *you* get the *gift* of true *life transformation.*

Want to reset, refresh, reboot your life and literally rewire your brain: Sign up now for the FREE One Thousand Gifts Online Bible Study, led by FaithGateway, and you’ll get access to all the learning videos (sent to your email each week of the study), and a whole bundle of free beautiful tools to make lasting life change –>

Want a little preview of the genuine life-change that more than a million people just like you have already experienced:

FaithGateway is hosting this Premiere event for the One Thousand Gifts Online Bible Study, right here on Facebook, just for you! – next Monday at 9PM EST.

You will get to watch a special preview video from the study, and our friends at FaithGateway will be online to answer all your questions!

More than a MILLION people have already stepped into the life-change of this experience.

Sign up — and see how things can look up — for the rest of your one wild and beautiful life.

“The online study is free, including access to *all* video study sessions, weekly devotional emails, access to the online Bible study FB group, and the bundle of free printables and other bonuses that FaithGateway has put together for you. You do *not* have to purchase the book or study guide to participate in this study. Those are optional and supplemental, but not at all required for the study. The online study includes the video sessions and weekly devotionals, which will be emailed to you completely for free every week. “

One Thousand Gifts Online Bible Study

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The above is the link for EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED except for the ACTUAL BOOK.