Four Ways To Enjoy Apples In The Fall

Four Ways To Enjoy Apples In The Fall By Due South

Four Ways To Enjoy Apples In The Fall

by Laura Beth Peters
From Due South

“Like most southerners, when I think of autumn, I think of cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors… and apples. As in picking apples at the local apple orchard, drinking sweet and spicy cider and delighting in thick slices of apple pie. It’s an exciting season of fall foods, so I’m sharing four of my favorite ways to enjoy a delicious seasonal fruit – the humble apple.

Apples that do well in the south are those that remain crisp in the summer, will fight off diseases and that will make it through to fall and can be used for eating or cooking. There’s a long growing season for apples in the south, all the way from June to late October. A personal favorite of mine is Honey Crisp. This variety of apples were actually first developed in Minnesota but they do well in the south and you are sure to find them included at your grocer this fall.”

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