Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving By Push-Up 24

Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

Gratitude Every Day

“Gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving! We can all capitalize more on the benefits of being grateful. A body of research supports that the people who practice gratitude tend to be happier and less depressed than those who don’t. Each day, we can find things (even small ones!) for which to be grateful:

  • Our family and friends
  • Our health
  • A hot cup of coffee on a cold day
  • A warm shower
  • AC & heating
  • A cozy bed 
  • The roof over our heads
  • That food is plentiful, and we have a variety from which to choose”

“For many of us, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays because it is a chance to spend time with family and friends over wonderful food. As we give thanks for this time, there is an opportunity to take the spirit of Thanksgiving beyond the holidays. When we really step back and think about it, we can be grateful for much more than we probably are. “

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