The Strawberry House: Our Last Morning/ Photos From Our Visit

Earlier this morning. Danny was sleeping soundly. Maria , was in her apartment. I had the house to myself. I love those moments.
Quiet thoughtful times.

From Sarah :
All things must end sometime. I have most of our things packed and ready to take out to the car. We had breakfast at 8 AM. Photos haven’t uploaded to Google yet so I will share them later.
We are back in our room relaxing. For once, even Danny isn’t ready to leave for home.
He is on his computer. The phone is next to him.
We will go down to the train Viewing Platform And then eat lunch before we head out.
The weather turned chilly yesterday. Windy.
Today it was 47 degrees out . Quite a change from 71 degrees on Sunday morning.
Danny froze here last night.
I admit, I got chilled. I just put on another layer of clothes. I am thriving. It feels wonderful not being hot for a change.

Maria gave us some sweet potato pie. I was wishing I had some whipped cream with mine.
Monday night in the living room.
Watching “The Good Wife and drinking hot chocolate.
I made myself at home.
My little area.

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