The Day After Christmas Or Boxing Day / Update From Sarah

From Sarah: I would have rented this place again but I found one just a half mile from the tracks and a lot closer to Dade City.
The following was from
Christmas 2019

The last 3 days have been full of highs and EXTREME LOWS.
I just handle them better. (Over all). We are staying in Zephrhills, Florida. Northwest Of Plant City. That’s where we usually go .
We are staying in a wonderful Module Home (Mobile Home) With a huge screened in porch with a large enclosed laundry room.

The wreath,The Lighted Graceland and the towel are mine. So Is the KEURIG Coffee Pot. Danny loves his Cappuccinos and I love my Chai Tea Lattes. No coffee for me.
I brought a lot of “Goodies”. Danny really enjoys them. I just like the color RED. LOL
This photo will make us laugh in years to come. It has to do with the PASSWORD here.


This is where we are right now. 4242 Allen Road, Zephrhills. I brought a few things from home to make it feel like Christmas.
More to come.


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