Good Morning Saturday /From Our Neck Of The Woods/Zephrhills, Florida

Good Morning From Zephrhills

It was a rainy kind of day. Off and on.

It’s Saturday morning here. Our last full day staying in this wonderful spot. Last day to watch trains. Oh we might get to see one tomorrow, but I doubt it.
I didn’t think I would miss seeing the  Amtrak trains but I did. We saw 2 a day in Plant City. Going to Tampa and then coming back. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.
I love watching the different cars on the trains. As long as they aren’t all tankers. I can handle a few of them but not a whole train. LOL.
It’s been an interesting week. My emotions of off the charts. Little things get to me. Making me want to explode with anger or frustrations. If I can just keep calm and retain from saying something negative, the day goes by so much better.
It will always bother me that Danny heads to his phone and his computer before talking to me. I have to initiate the conversation. I need to leave out how frustrated I am that the phone and the computer always come first.
He will answer messages. Ask how they are doing. I wish Danny would ask me that sometimes.

I have enjoyed having him sitting at the table with me here, instead of hiding away in his computer room all day and night. At least we can talk more that way. Usually him trying to get me to  watch a video with him. Right now! Not a few minutes from now but RIGHT NOW! As in STOP whatever I am doing and watch it. It doesn’t matter what I am doing. It doesn’t matter if I tell him, I am busy and please wait a few minutes. I can be writing a blog post.
Now when I want to talk to him. I have to wait for him to read whatever he is reading.  He won’t just stop. It’s frustrating.
IF I CAN ONLY KEEP QUIET AND NOT MAKE AN ISSUE ABOUT IT, things are a whole lot better in the long run.
Yesterday was a better day because I kept my mouth shut. Somehow I managed it ALL DAY.
It was also a rainy day. Not every minute but a good part of the time. I didn’t care.
He wasn’t feeling good.
I am praying it’s not his pancreatitis acting up. He has been drinking a lot . The night before he really drank a lot. I couldn’t hold back my negative comments.

I have enjoyed having Danny nearby when I cook. It reminds me of happier times when we would cook together.

Gulf Shrimp.
Blue Crabs


I fixed Fondue and then just poured it over the bread.

We are having a lazy morning and I love those.

I was hungry when I woke up. That seldom happens. I fixed shrimp and lamb.
Seafood Chowder. It’s been so good.


Leg Of Lamb


Yesterday, I started watching Downton Abbey from the beginning.


Sitting On the porch just watching a rain.
Danny kept falling asleep while waiting for the trains to come. It was pouring.
Sitting outside once again. This time I was on the computer.


It’s been peaceful here except for the traffic on the road. We aren’t use to that.

We went to Rick’s Cafe for Lunch.
The breakfast menu sounds good.

No photo description available.


Lots of lemons with my unsweetened tea.


I had a Reuben and a pickle. Didn’t want the potato chips. I did have 3 of Danny’s French fries. He had a Cheeseburger and fries.

Image may contain: food

There’s been a downside to all of the walking. My feet keep swelling up.


Christmas lights.
My new Fondue pot.


It’s almost 10 AM. Danny is moving around so I imagine we will leave here soon.
More Train Watching.
I pray you are having a relaxing week.
Love And Hugs,

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