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Sitting here with Danny at Vitus Subdivision in Richland, Florida.

What is Vitus Subdivision?

Vitis Subdivision

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Vitis Subdivision

AR 836.8
Vitis Junction

S Line (Wildwood Subdivision)
AR 837.7
AR 848.0
Stokes (Kathleen)
AR 856.5

A Line 

← Lakeland Subdivision
Carters Subdivision →


The Vitis Subdivision is a railroad line owned by CSX Transportation in Central Florida. The line runs from Vitis (near Richland) to Lakeland for a total of 19.7 miles. The Vitis Subdivision serves as a connection between CSX’s two main lines in Florida, the A Line and the S Line. Its connection with the S Line (which is a detour of the original S Line) at the north end is known as Vitis Junction. The connection with the A Line at the south end is known as Lakeland Junction.[1][2]


The tracks that are today the Vitis Subdivision began operation in September 1885. They were built by the South Florida Railroad as part of their Pemberton Ferry branch (CSX’s detoured S Line from Vitis Junction north to Lacoochee is also part of the Pemberton Ferry branch). CSX’s A Line was originally the South Florida Railroad’s main line. The line was narrow gauge when originally built. It was fully converted to standard gauge on August 7, 1891.[3]

It's where the track divides. One going South to Miami and one going West to Tampa.

Vitus Junction ANA Vitus Subdivision.

The track divides.

This is is Vitus Subdivision AKA Vitus Junction. Train lingo.It’s where the track divides. One going South to Miami and one going West to Tampa.

Sorry I missed the engines.i got them on my camera.Starting to sprinkle. Maybe LUNCH AND A BATHROOM STOP.

Later. Sarah

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