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Vitis Subdivision

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Vitis Subdivision

AR 836.8
Vitis Junction

S Line (Wildwood Subdivision)
AR 837.7
AR 848.0
Stokes (Kathleen)
AR 856.5

A Line 

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Carters Subdivision →


The Vitis Subdivision is a railroad line owned by CSX Transportation in Central Florida. The line runs from Vitis (near Richland) to Lakeland for a total of 19.7 miles. The Vitis Subdivision serves as a connection between CSX’s two main lines in Florida, the A Line and the S Line. Its connection with the S Line (which is a detour of the original S Line) at the north end is known as Vitis Junction. The connection with the A Line at the south end is known as Lakeland Junction.[1][2]


The tracks that are today the Vitis Subdivision began operation in September 1885. They were built by the South Florida Railroad as part of their Pemberton Ferry branch (CSX’s detoured S Line from Vitis Junction north to Lacoochee is also part of the Pemberton Ferry branch). CSX’s A Line was originally the South Florida Railroad’s main line. The line was narrow gauge when originally built. It was fully converted to standard gauge on August 7, 1891.[3]

It’s been a busy afternoon for us. This is a continuation of a post I wrote a few hours ago. 2 almost back to trains.

Richland and /Vitus Junction

Another railway dropped by. Gave us some great information. Really good charts. Scanner information.At the same time, a mom stopped by….saying she has see us in various spots this week. She was curious. Gave her both our information.Will update.

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