Sunday Afternoon Roasted Chicken Soup

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Sunday Afternoon Roasted Chicken Soup – the ultimate comfort food, elevated! (Whole30, Gluten-Free and Paleo-friendly)

Sunday Afternoon Roasted Chicken Soup


Are you guys ready for the most amazing chicken soup you have ever tasted?!?


When I think of being calm in the kitchen, my mind immediately goes to chicken — roasting it and making homemade soup.  While I love a good weeknight dinner that takes 30 minutes, my favorite thing to do is make recipes that take all day.  That have layers and layers of flavor.  Chopping vegetables, being creative (while drinking a glass of wine – I don’t drink very much these days, but having a little glass of wine while I cook is a favorite indulgence of mine) and relaxing in the kitchen makes me feel calm and happy 🙂

So I am beyond excited to share this Sunday Afternoon Roasted Chicken Soup recipe with you guys – promise me you will make it sometime soon!! Especially if anyone you know is fighting a cold!

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