Sunday Dinner Series – Southern New Years Meal By The Well Mom Collective/ AND Macaroni Pie By Southern Kitchen

The traditional Southern New Years Day meal can vary from family to family – but there are a few staples across the board – Pork, Greens & Black Eyed Peas. Oh and of course – some form of bread to soak up all of that goodness on the side. And if you ask most of […] […]

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From Sarah : I did a research of Macaroni Pie. Here is a recipe from Southern Kitchen….By Anne Bryn
macaroni pie

Anne Byrn’s old-fashioned macaroni pie should be the star of your Thanksgiving table

Mac and cheese just might be the most loved side dish in the South — right up there with mashed potatoes, pinto beans and cornbread. It’s at home with fried chicken or barbecue, even on the Thanksgiving table. Mac and cheese pleases everyone, and that goes way back to the original macaroni pie.

Early versions of mac and cheese, like the recipe I’m share today, bear little resemblance to the side dish we know. They were, essentially, broken and cooked spaghetti that was mixed with eggs, milk and cheese, all baked into a custard. Sorry to disappoint, but mac and cheese did not originate on the back of a box. It wasn’t first made with the curly, chubby macaroni noodle either. It is old.

Back 200 years or more, the word “macaroni” was a generic term for pasta. Thomas Jefferson popularized it because he served it at dinner parties. And Mary Randolph, who authored the Virginia House-Wife, cooked “macaroni” in milk and water before tossing it with cheese and butter. Adding eggs would come later, when it evolved into a light supper dish.

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  1. msw blog says:

    Still laughing that people think mac & cheese comes from a box . I think you and your readers will enjoy this post on mac & cheese
    Decadent Three-Cheese Mac And Cheese | Real Life of an MSW


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