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I drove home from Elizabeth City on Sunday morning.  The daylight was the kind that did not reveal the time.  It could have been seven am, but it was really nine, when I left  the Riverside village.  If it weren’t for Kyle, Christian, my dog and cats, then it would have broken my heart to leave Lyla sitting in her high chair.

 I had gotten used to lingering over coffee, with Jenny.  We would loosely, plan our day, while Lyla chattered away.  One morning, Lyla got up in an especially good mood.  She said “Good Morning, Honey!” with such a smile-and then she said ‘cake and cookies!”  several times.  Jenny said, Lyla had said that in her sleep, too.  What truly “sweet dreams”, she must have had.  

Lyla has a “kitchen”, given to her by her aunt Mari “Bea”.  There is  a little telephone mounted on the set, and…

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