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I was just reading the Carnivore for Beginners Facebook page and there was a guy on there saying his mistake was he wasn’t getting enough protein. Conventional medicine advises low fat but pretty low/moderate protein as well. Many of the Keto and alternative guys also advise low/moderate protein but high fat, low carbs. Mark Sisson […]

via Carnivore Dreams – Protein/Fat? — L.E.K.

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  1. lynnfay73 says:

    Thanks for posting this, Sarah! (Debbie Sue). Can’t tell what you prefer! Many thanks! Lynn

    1. Either is good. I am used to Sarah here but love both my nickname and Debbie and any variation of it.
      It’s confusing at times, especially when I go home to Illinois. Like I am now. Waiting for the bus.
      I am like you liked it. Happy Tuesday. Hugs

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