My Road Trip To Illinois Has Begun/Part 1


My Road Trip To Illinois

My trip  actually began around 10 PM.

I was amazed how relaxed  I was tonight.  All day, in fact. I had the house picked up. Vacuumed. Laundry : Washed, Dried And put away.

Dishes washed and put away.

I was packed by midafternoon.

I amazed myself and actually got unpacked from our trip to Mulberry.  Yesterday.

After being anything but CALM the last few week….I was CALM. RELAXED.

RELAXED enough that even Danny noticed. Danny seldom notices things like that.

He finally asked me at the park earlier how long I was going to stay.

I told him that I had no return plans made yet. I told Danny 3 weeks at least.

I think he is finally realizing that I meant what I said . I need time away from him. Time away from his drinking.

I am too angry.


I will be pet sitting from Friday to the first of February.  My sister and BIL will be gone.

I will have the house to myself.

Well almost.

Annie (the dog) and Finnegan (the cat) are allowing me to share their space.

I plan on laying low. Staying on the farm. Unless I take a drive.

I need time to recoup.

Time to get past this anger I have toward Danny .

Time to sleep.

To rest.

I am sitting in the Orlando Greyhound Bus Terminal. Danny dropped me off around midnight.


I leave at 6:30 AM.

It is 1:12 AM

Yes,I am a bit early.

On a new phone. Not activated.  I just have wifi so far. This one is my Twigby phone.

I have had it since my birthday. Just haven’t felt like talking to anyone on the phone to set it up.

That’s been mindset lately. I haven’t needed it.

I have my Verizon phone.  The one I use all the time. This phone is a Samsung S8. A better one than the Verizon one.  I should switch them.


Anyway: to save batteries, I am using this phone.



It’s quiet here right now.


Off for now.

Love and hugs,