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it’s the monday giggles…. Perhaps you’ve heard… I’ve been traveling The Road to Recovery these past many weeks. That’s because 2019 literally ended with a BANG! SERIOUSLY. Into a telephone pole. The good news is…the telephone pole lost. As a result, I have been spending the beginning of this NEW year working on trying to […]

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From Sarah : If I didn’t need a reset before I certainly do now. I am on vacation. At my sister’s and the family farm. Pet sitting. Actually, it’s been them watching over me. I caught a head and chest cold. A cough that tears me apart. I haven’t felt this horrible is a long long time. I was already needing to catch up on my sleep.
It’s seems all I do is blow my nose, cough and sleep.
Keeping the fire going wears me out. feeding the dog and cat wears me out.
This is not how I planned my vacation.
I am weak. Oh so weak.
I hadn’t even opened my computer until a few minutes ago.
The glare really bothers my eyes.

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