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I used to be the classic people pleaser. I spent countless moments worried about what other people thought. If somebody thought ill of me, I spent time going around trying to fix it. I remember in College, a friend started saying things about me, to other friends, that weren’t true. It caused great anguish. I […]

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From Sarah :
I have always been one to get my feelings hurt easily. I still do and I am 61 years old.
Earlier this week, I read a message to me on Sarah’ Attic Of Treasures on Facebook that accused me of stealing their posts. Danny and I are in a motel this week while we are Rail Fanning.
Long Story Short : I spent a couple of hours trying to find the 3 food posts of hers that I had shared over a 3 week period.  Actually, I found the post almost right away. It was deleting them that I had trouble with.
This lady had a right to ask me to take them down.
What surprised me is that she was so angry at me.
All three of her posts were shared with the share button. I didn’t change anything .
On all three, I did comment on how much the posts meant to me. The memories they brought back.
All three posts had lot’s of likes. Shares. And comments.
I let her anger make me cry. Worry me. I have been afraid to post. To Share.
I worry way too much.
Love And Hugs Sarah

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