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I can’t remember how my fascination with trains began. My brothers and I used to watch for smoke from the steam engine that pulled train cars along tracks that made their way just beyond the hills to the southeast of our farm. On a clear day, you could hear the train chugging its way between […]

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From Sarah;
Danny and I are traveling the US by train in May.
To help us get ready for that JOURNEY we are taking Amtrak from Kissimmee, Florida to West Palm Beach in MArch.
I even bought us a sleeper for that short journey. I wanted us to have an idea of what to expect on a long train journey in a roomette.
We will be spending a lot of time at the Amtrak Train Station In West Palm Beach.
Videotaping the trains come and go.
We are also planning on spending time at the Henry Flagler Museum In Palm Beach.
I found us a great hotel to stay in at AirBNB prices. Amtrak helped us there as well.
We will be there 5 days and 4 nights.

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