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https://mentalhealthathome.org/2020/02/25/mental-illness-identity-shifts/ Ashleyleia provides a thoughtful blog post today and talks about the various hats a person may wear during their lifetime (‘hat’ in case you were nodding off, is a substitution for IDENTITY. But you knew that, right?) Ashleyleia further discusses what identities a person may embrace when the factor of mental health concerns is […]

via Who ARE You, really? — sparksfromacombustiblemind

From Sarah :
I go from Danny’s wife and volunteer in Florida. There I am known as Sarah. In Illinois. I am known as Debbie. Deb. My real name is Debra Sue. Mom of an Angel. I am sister. Aunt. Friend.Church goer.
I miss being Daughter.
Online I am known as Sarah Sue on one account and Debbie Sarah on another.
Bible Studier. Blogger. Friend. I am known as Danny’s Wife, Volunteer. Former Teacher.
I have a harder time when I go to Illinois. The transition from Sarah to Debbie doesn’t always come easy.
What do I miss most?
Being called Mom.

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