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in your arms the sun has fallenthe moon refuses to riseloneliness sits beside mewearing a pink carnationmourning the death of my pridefear shaves in my mirrorhe only has one eyethus, he fails to seethe shooting stars in the windowno wait, they are the headlightsof cars passing byso, I can’t make a wishbut if I could…..I’d […]

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  1. Always an artful poetic flow of words. A nice share Sarah! XOXO💗💗💗💕

    1. Thank you.
      Happy Wednesday!

      1. Happy Wednesday to you Sarah! Are you connected to any antiques?

        1. No, other than the ones we have in our family homes. LOL I just love them.

          1. Hi Sarah! There are bloggers who promote all kinds of vintage goods, including antiques. I thought you had an eBay or Etsy connection, doing the same. 🤔

  2. Thank you so much for your kind gesture. I am flattered and touched you think this is worthy of sharing.
    Grateful for your kindness.

    Please be safe.

    1. I was happy to share it with others.I love your title. Lonely here as well. Very lonely. Have a good weekend. Stay healthy and happy. HUGS

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