From Sarah/ I Owe a Number Of People A Huge Apology/ Please Read.

I Messed Up Big Time I'm Sorry Card. I'm Sorry | Etsy
I have been trying to update my blog. Catching up with comments and likes. ETC.
Somehow, I had comments that have never shown up in my comment section . Or where I usually go and read my comments. About a year’s worth. At least one or 2xs a week, if not more, I will answer comments.
So how in the world did I miss so many.
They had not been approved.
I just APPROVED over 200 comments.
I read a few of them at first but, gave up and approved them all at one time. SO I have MANY COMMENTS To FIND AND ANSWER.
I saw many thank yous and long comments. All heartfelt.
I am so sorry. It’s really important to me that I answer all of the comments because I know how it feels to pour your heart out and not get an answer back.
I feel so loved.

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  1. Not a problem, it happens! <3

    1. It happens to me way too often. .

  2. ~Peace to you! 🌼🧡

    1. Thank you for understanding. Thanks you especially for your support/. 🌼🧡

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