My Month Long Series On What Was Planned And What Really Is Happening/ By Sarah

Day 2
From Sarah :
It’s been so long since I have posted my own stories ,that when I went to post yesterday’s, I realized I had forgotten how to. Seriously,  all of the little things that make a post look better were not happening. I couldn’t remember how to do the simplest things. Even the keyboard was a test .
I couldn’t share the photos I wanted because my computer hasn’t been working well  and I to do an overhaul . One of the apps still missing is Google Photos. Still having trouble downloading everything.
What’s even more frustrating is my other laptop is waiting for a new cord so I can use it again. Because of lockdowns and long deliveries, I am still waiting for it .
So I am muddling along?
Is that even a word?
Another frustration along the way, is I taught school for 17 years and ran a homeschool for 7 years. I was an English Major. I use to write and speak well.
My mind has forgotten how to write but my brain remembers how good I use to be.

As I mentioned yesterday, Danny and I were suppose to have started our 5 Week Cross Country Amtrak/Rail Fanning Trip. Today we had planned to spend the day in Kissimmee, Florida.
I am so glad we decided to head there last month before LOCKDOWN happened. We stayed in an amazing little cottage. Secluded.
We videoed both Amtrak and Sunrail for 5 days. I also went exploring on my own. It seems I do more and more of that.
We would have arrived at the cottage yesterday afternoon. Last night would have been relaxing for both of us. I had planned on ordering Mexican. We would have driven to the marina and watched the boats on Lake Toho. Then walked through the park.
I had looked forward to sitting outside on the bench swing.
So much of what I will be posting will be about what I had planned.
The only thing Danny had been interested in were the Amtrak trips and watching what trains we happened to see at various stops along the way.
He was looking forward to meeting a Rail Fan in Washington DC and in Fort Morgan, Colorado.
He had shown absolutely no interest in anything else. Certainly not trying to rekindle anything with me. He didn’t care where we stayed or where we went. He had no idea how much I was spending since I was paying for most of it. He was suppose to pay for most of our meals and souvenirs, plus whatever alcohol he had.
If I sound bitter, I am. I have tried really hard not to be.
We were suppose to have planned this trip together.
Honestly, I would love to just go by myself. That is hard for me to admit.
Again, more will be added later. I am just trying to keep a promise I made to myself. That I would start writing again. Sharing my own thoughts. As ugly as they may be.

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