Amtrak Trip Day 1 (Cancelled)/UpDates By Sarah

Keeping my promise to write a bit every day through May.

I cried this morning when I knew Amtrak was pulling into Kissimmee from Tampa, on the way to Washington DC.
I wanted to be on that train headed out of FLORIDA.
Danny, of course, acted like nothing was wrong when he left this morning. He never seemed to notice that my eyes were still red when he got home early.
Yes, life goes on, no matter what is going on around us. The trip isn’t on his mind any more. I spent a year setting everything up. Months of spending hours planning. Picking out hotels and restaurants. Car rentals. Even a Blue Man Concert in Chicago that I was not looking forward to.
I knew, in many ways , that it was going to be a rough trip. Oh, the days on the train would have been fun. Exciting. The sight-seeing trips would have been amazing for both of us.
We would have enjoyed each other’s company until the MOMENT we walked into whatever hotel I had booked. Luxury hotels because I can’t stand being cooped up with someone who gets on his computer or worse, his phone and ignores me the rest of the night. Totally ignores any kind of interaction. He would have answered with a look and a brief comment and then back to his “FAKE” little world that I have no part in.
Not all of the time Danny is on his computer is for his pleasure. He has been trying to build up his YOUTUBE account. He wants to be able to make a living off of it to help when he retires. I have urged him to do this for years. I was also willing to help promote it, until I wasn’t. Too much to go into now.
I still do more than my fair share, considering I pay for almost everything it takes for him to do what he does.
Yes, I realize, I am being mistreated and taken advantage of. I keep telling myself that he will go back to being the man I fell in love with. Took vows with, on the beautiful mountain, I call Bobby’s Mountain.
It’s Friday, May 1st and I am already dreading this weekend. Danny is off and home.
It’s also May Day and I doubt if many people even get to celebrate it.
Signing off for now.
Not sure when I will happen but I still want to add photos etc.
Have a great weekend. Be safe.
Love Sarah

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