Monday, May 4th/ By Sarah

It’s 11:40 PM.
I almost forgot to post today..
I was busier than usual and I really don’t have anything  to show for it.
We had a really good clam chowder for supper.  Rather I did. Danny hasn’t eaten yet.
I have been making some of the foods we would have eaten on our Cross-country Amtrak Trip. Since we would have been in Washington DC until Wednesday, I decided to make Manhattan Clam Chowder.
I cheated and used Bar Harbor’s canned soup (great on it’s own) and added more potatoes and some corn. Then I added more clams. Ofcourse, I had to add cream and butter.
The bread came from the wharf there.
Thankful for Amazon.
I need to get theis posted. Almost midnight.
Be safe.
Be Happy.
Love Sarah

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