Tuesday, May 5th/ So Many Changes In A 24 Hour Period /By Sarah

First Off :
Today may be known  as  Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo , but May 5th will always be my Mother’s Birthday.
Happy Birthday, Mom.
We miss you.

Today started off , just like every work day has since our “STAY AT HOME” lifestyle  began almost 2 months ago. I got up first to get Danny’s coffee going and get his lunch gathered up. Danny’s alarm went off at 6 AM.
The cat and rabbit were fed and watered. Loved on.
Danny headed out the door around 6:45 and I went back to bed. Since we were up until 4 AM  I needed my sleep.
I was sleeping better than normal when I heard loud voices over the work radio. It was almost 9 AM. Staff had been working for 2 hours.
Our manager started telling everyone that the park would OFFICIALLY open back up at NOON. TODAY! Just 1 day after PHASE 1 Began.

That changed everything. Phase 2 wasn’t suppose to happen for at least 2 weeks.
In less than 3 hours, we went from being closed, except for deliveries, to being open to the public.
From STAFF working one shift, 7 to 3:30 Monday thru Friday, to having two different shifts and being opened until 8 :00 PM- 7 days a week.
Staff were in the middle of a huge project. Using the man lift and trimming trees. Doing all of the things they never have time to do.
Danny was one of the only ones wearing a uniform.  That uniform was an old one that really needed to be thrown away.  LOL Everyone else has been wearing everyday clothes.
I was home, literally in the middle of a mess. I was emptying a couple of cabinets and trying to find room for all of the food and supplies I have been ordering.
Rearranging things.
I got called into the park to help.
Long story short, Lake Kissimmee State Park opened its gates at  NOON.
The flags were once again flying PROUDLY.
The park was once again opened to the public. Day Use amd The Marina/ Boat Ramp only.
No Camping.

Taco Tuesday main
Happy Taco Tuesday!

man s black blazer and brown traditional hat
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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

white house
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brown leaf tree near brown wall painting
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grey ceramic landmark during daytime
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washington monument usa
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abraham lincoln administration adult art
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architecture beautiful building dome
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I still can’t help wishing we were in Washington DC. This would have been our last full day there. Tomorrow we would have been off to Chicago on Amtrak.

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