Wednesday, May 6th/By Sarah

It’s been a good day here in Our Neck Of The Woods. Danny and staff got their new schedule today and it surprised and pleased all of us. We are down 2 full time Park Rangers and we don’t know when the hiring freeze will end. We didn’t have enough staff to run all shifts so they came up with a new game plan. At least for now. The Ranger Station will still be opened all all day as usual but STAFF in general will be work 4 days a week /10 hour shifts. 10 AM -8: 30 PM. At least while camping is still not allowed.
Danny will off Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays.
The time is better in many ways for both of us. LATE NIGHTS /LATE MORNINGS.
I hate the idea of Danny working in the blazing heat and sun  longer but I love the later  nights for me.
I function better after 2 PM.

Thinking of  Amtrak tonight . We were suppose to leave Washington DC this afternoon and head out on the Cardinal for Chicago. Our 2nd night on Amtrak. Instead of a Roomette, I had booked us a room.

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Thinking of Hot Dogs.
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