Thursday,May 7 Th /Thinking Of Chicago/ Life In Our Neck Of The Woods/By Sarah

Below the What Would Have Been in Chicago is  Life In Our Neck Of The Woods. Real Life. Life Goes ON.
We would have arrived in Chicago this afternoon.

Chicago-style hot dog - Wikipedia
Yes, we would have had a Chicago Style Hotdog at the Amtrak Station.
Probably 2 of them. I’d have eaten Danny’s carrots. LOL
We would have walked all over the station. Taking photos.  Videos. Of the trains. Of the building. Of the people.

We would be having Chicago Style Pizza throughout the day and nights of our stay.
I had a number of restaurants that delivered.
We were planning on staying at the Grand Hotel (Sheridan) on the riverwalk.

Exterior Chicago River

Chicago Burger Company Lounge

Chicago Burger Company Patio

What’s really happening in Our Neck Of The Woods.

Stocking up and then stocking up some more.
I have NEVER had so many CANNED GOODS in my house.
I seldom buy them.


We were ordered to open Lake Kissimmee State Park on Tuesday. One day after Phase one began. So Phase 2 has begun in certain areas.
The park is opened except for the campgrounds.
It’s a different world we live in right now and you feel it.
Warning signs are all over.
I make at least one trip to the Ranger Station every day now that almost everything comes through delivery. We are still following the “Stay At Home” rules as much as possible.
Our county is seeing  an increase in Covid 19 cases. More deaths.
Even though Danny and I don’t venture anywhere  we don’t need to, we feel the change everywhere.
I am a hugger who can’t hug or get hugged.

I have an overflowing freezer filled with meat, fish and seafoods. Good quality foods in the cabinets.
Snacks, mainly for Danny.
Fresh fruits and veggies. Hard to find since we live outside of Amazon Pantry delivery. Outside of most deliveries.
I have an over -abundance  of essential oils that I use constantly in diffusers all through the house. I use them in my food and drinks as well.
Everyday, I take boxes to the dumpsters at the park.
Thank heavens for the money I have from my parents. I am using OUR TRIP MONEY for all of the extra food and supplies.



Danny and I are fortunate. If we were still living on his, UNDER 2, 000 paycheck, we wouldn’t be making it.
We also have the RENT FREE Cracker House here on Rolling Meadows Ranch.
WE have thousand of acres to roam freely here and at the park.
Plus we have  Allen  David  Broussard’s Catfish  Preserve Creek State Park as well.
Danny is still working.  And will continue to work.
Be Happy!
Love One Another (from a distance)
Love Sarah

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