OOPS!!!! I Forgot To Post On Friday, May 8th / Our Neck Of The Woods/ By Sarah

OOPPPPSSSS! I didn’t even think about posting yesterday until a few minutes ago. It is 6:45 PM SATURDAY. LOL

Our Bathroom Window was opened for the first time in a long time. Had to close it by 11 AM .
Our Enclosed Porch.
My windows always need to be cleaned.

Danny’s schedule change AGAIN on Friday.
He came in on Monday thinking he was working Monday thru Friday. Off the weekend. Tuesday, our Governor , changed everything and decided to open the park up… THAT DAY.
Day Use/ The Marina / Hiking Trails
The Campground Opens on Friday.
We had been closed except for deliveries. Staff is 3 full time employees down with a hiring freeze.
Age limits are in effect so even less help than usual.

Danny is now working until next Wednesday. A total of 9 days.


We would be in Chicago  if this PANDEMIC had not happened.


Eating Lots Of BBQ

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