Our Neck Of The Woods/ Saturday, May 9th / And What We Would Have Been Doing Today By Sarah

Danny’s first Saturday to work in over 2 months.
He is working 9 days this week.
I wanted to post photos from today but they wouldn’t upload.
One thing we have now are cabinets OF FOOD. We have NEVER had so many.

Since we weren’t able to go on our 5-6 week Cross Country Amtrak Trip this month, I have been buying as many regional meals as I could find. I started with Washington DC Area. I discovered Bar Harbor. A wonderful chowder company. I went crazy and bough every kind they had. In 6 can orders. I eat it almost everyday.


My version of the burger.
It’s easy to make the salads look great.
My burger tasted wonderful but didn’t look as pretty. LOL
This was an easy to prepare meal. Duck A L’orange By Hello Fresh

My freezers are full as our my refrigerators.
We are eating well.
Buying everything online except for a few fresh foods etc at our little country store.

STAYING AT HOME ,EXCEPT FOR WORK,  AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Since we live where we work it’s easier for us.

Today, we were planning on using our City Passes some more. Nighttime activities in Chicago.

grey high-rise building
The Sears Tower. It will always be called that as far as I am concerned. The Willis Tower. NOPE!

cityscape at night time

Chicago's observation decks | Choose Chicago
Dang computer and the internet. I am having issues with both.
So I am closing this for now.
Have a great rest of the weekend.
Be safe!
Be Happy! Most of ALL: Be KIND!!!!!!!!!
Love Sarah

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