Mother’s Day, May 10th / Memories/ By Sarah

Every once in awhile Danny  says something that stops me in my tracks. I had just checked to see how he was progressing with his Sunday Morning Train Video.
I was on my way to the bedroom when I heard Danny YELL OUT, ” Happy Mother’s Day”.
It was 1:30 AM.
Those words from Danny made the world to me.
Those 3 simple words STOPPED ME. Unexpected. Danny seldom mentions Mother’s Day. His memories of his mom aren’t very good.
I always know when the clock strikes MIDNIGHT on the Morning of a holiday. I still imagine I hear the phone ringing.
In this case he would have said, “Happy Mother’s Mom. I love you. ”

It will be 14 years since he died on May 19th, 2016.

Memories have to last me a lifetime.

Bobby, his cousins, a really good friend and I.  La Veta, Colorado 1984.

Mom, Dad, Donna, Danny and I……Hell Week. The week after Bobby Died.

Besides missing my parents and Bobby, I am missing my sister. Wishing we lived closer.
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Last year, my dad was able to join my mom in Heaven.
She died 5 years ago.
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Mom and Dad, I love you.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.
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Bobby and I …. Colorado

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