How Was Your Mother’s Day?/ / Monday, May 11th By Sarah

 From Sarah:
Mother’s Day  is always hard for me.
It’s been 14 years since Bobby died suddenly.
14 years filled with an emptiness most people will never understand. I pray to God they never understand.

5 years ago my mother died.
Last year I lost my father.
I have a brother but we don’t speak to each other. Well, he doesn’t speak to me.
I miss spending time with my sister.
Danny is seldom very understanding.
My 3rd mother's Day with put my son Forever 27. Missing my son so ...

Grieving on Mother’s Day: Celebrating all the moms in heaven

The Grio/ Mother’s Day- Grief

An older black woman mournfully looks out her window (Photo: Adobe Stock)

“Elena Romero, daughter of Aida Luz Romero, professor, journalist and mother of three, says talking about her mom to family and friends helps. “We comfort each other, smiling, laughing and even crying at moments,” Romero tells theGrio.

“The loss of a mom is an extremely difficult thing to process and deal with at any age or time,” Romero says. “There are really no words to fully capture the emotion or sense of loss one feels when it happens.”

Romero shares more advice about moving forward in the grieving process. “Allow yourself time to mourn,” she says. “That looks differently for different people. There is no specific timeframe that will make it alright. Surround yourself with love and above all, focus on the positive memories you shared. I also share memories of mom with my children. We often discuss ‘what would momma say or think?’” ”

My first Mother's Day without you my precious Daughter, the love ...

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