Thursday, May 14th / Warning /Sarah Rants

I missed writing my post on Wednesday because  we couldn’t get either our internet (Frontier) to work at all and our satellite (ViaSat) wasn’t very fast.
I had no idea WHY Frontier wasn’t working until today.
I just thought the reception was BAD.
Stock Photo.

SOMEONE in this house has USED more than HIS share of the 100 GB we are allotted BEFORE they lower our signal.
Last night it was under 2.5
Really really low.

Internet connection isssues - troubleshooting | VEDAMO

The above photo is a stock photo.

I knew WHY Viasat wasn’t working well.
We are allowed 100GB a month. We Ran over. Or SHOULD I SAY SOMEONE USED MORE THAN HIS FAIR SHARE,
Yep. OVER. THIS TIME EVERY MONTH. With at least ten days to go before the new cycle hits.
That’s WHY we have Frontier still. So when the satellite goes way down we can use the internet as a backup.
Except, once again…we don’t have INTERNET when we need it.

Because ONCE again the account was turned off because SOMEONE was too lazy to pay the bill.

So I decided to change the account and add my card to be billed monthly. Every single month. Like clockwork.
I can’t believe how long it took me to add my billing information. At first I couldn’t even log on.
Our landline hasn’t worked in a long time. . We never had a PIN for it. The OLD account had never asked for one. We didn’t need a pin to access it.
But, the line doesn’t work anyway.
I tried again and got asked to check which box to have the code sent to me.
The landline or the NEW PIN NUMBER which is on the statement which we have never received.

Then I tried chat.  And was on the phone forever.
All total – it took 5 plus hours to PAY the bill.

We still have no internet service. 7 hours later.

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