Sunday, May 17th /A Quiet Day By Sarah

I should have taken these boxes and a bunch more to the park this weekend.
Yesterday, I wasn’t up to it.
Today, I just didn’t feel like going anywhere.
I have had a few busy weeks with mail delivery.
Meals and Amazon.
The freezers and refrigerators are jam packed. So are my cabinets. Counters and the floor.

I have good quality meats and seafood. Plenty of fresh veggies and even a little fruit. One thing we have that I am not use to buying is CANNED GOODS.
Ready to eat canned goods. Danny’s Comfort Meals from his past. Good Seafood soups.
I need more room.
I have a huge order coming in on Tuesday.
Things I have been wanting but haven’t been able to get.
All from Amazon.
Just think, less than a year ago, I had seldom ordered from them.
Now, That’s how I shop.
Yet, I wish I could get one or 2 cans of something without buying 6 .
I should have worked in the kitchen, rearranging everything. I want my counters back.
What I did do….was sleep away the afternoon after Danny left.

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