Monday, May 18th/ It’s Been A Good Day By Sarah


This photo was taken a while ago.
Our mile long driveway, (wll the first part of it) after a brief shower.
We are in a severe drought in Our Neck Of The Woods.
This should be the start of our rainy season.
As much as we NEED the rain , I DREAD It.
The humidity will follow.
It was suppose to rain ALL DAY. We only had a few SHORT periods.
I was very glad for ALL OF THE DROPLETS.

Two weeks ago, After a long search of top computers, I finally decided to get the Dell XPS 15.
A $2,000.00 computer I got on SALE.
It came TODAY!!!!!!!!



It figures. Last March, I broke the piece that hooked the cord to my good computer. It took until today to finally get the CORD so I can use it.

Somehow, I don’t need it as much.

A year and a half ago, I was trying to use an old and outdated computer. A very cheap one.
My desktop had also been hit with lightening. As was my phone.
Since that time, I have replaced everything. I now have 2 cell phones. Good Samsung ones.
Two different providers, AT&T and Verizon.
Neither work great here but they both work in Illinois.
I wanted both for our 6 week Cross Country Amtrak Vacation. (We would still be in Colorado right now. In the Rocky Mountains.)
We are still stuck at home. Except for work at the park and a once every 2 week visit to our little country store.
Anyway, I have an awesome DESKTOP.
A Separate DVD player for travel.
And a few more computers.
I also have bought Danny a couple of them as well. He received His HP last week.
It’s the one he asked for.
I have to admit, I spent more on mine and I am not sorry.

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