I Dreamed Of Bobby Last Night/ Reposting Today on What Would Have Been Bobby’s 40th Birthday

I had the most wonderful dream last night. Then I woke up and realized ONCE AGAIN THAT IT WAS ONLY A DREAM.
Reality set in all too soon. Bobby was gone.

I live for those dreams , Yet , at the same time I dead them.
For a BRIEF MOMENT when I wake up, Bobby is ALIVE again. All Is well again.
Then it all changes as I once again face the fact that he died years ago.
The SADNESS is there is full force. The GRIEF of the past is as strong as ever.
Those feelings linger throughout the day. Never really going away.
A reminder that the past was really better. Life has gone on and it’s been a good one for the most part.
Whoever said “It Only Hurts For A Little While”wasn’t talking about the death of a child.


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