Keeping a Prayer Journal — Lauren Miller

In the times past that I’ve had the most self-discipline when it came to an active prayer life, if I’m honest, it was because I kept a prayer journal. My cheap spiral-bound notebooks (lay-flat binding is a ‘must-have’ feature for me) became a home for daily check-ins as I recorded whether I’d remembered to prayed, […]

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    1. Have a wonderful week.

  1. Hi there Sarah! What a beautiful, blessed inspiration! Thanks kindly for sharing! Reblogged: TowerAndFlights🍃🥀🌱🕊

    1. Thank you. It is a beautiful post.

      1. Absolutely and if ever a journal we should keep, a prayer journal is spiritually yielding. Cheers Sarah, to your having a delightful week!🍃🌱🌸🍃🌱

        1. Danny and I took off this week. Totally spur of the moment. Secluded. Railfanning. The track is .5 miles from the mobile home we are staying in.

          1. Stay blessed!💗

            1. You do the same. HUGS

              1. 🍃💐🌺💐🍂🍃Bouquets of sweetness to you Sarah. Well wishes to you and your husband, and both of you, please keep safe!

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