Sarah’s September Show Up Challenge : Health And Wellness Stories /Thanks To Neisha Loves It

From Sarah : I am really going to TRY and POST SOMETHING EVERY DAY THIS MONTH>
Notice I said TRY!!!!!!!
It’s been so long since I was writing DAILY POSTS Or Even my own MONTHLY POSTS. One day a few years ago, I just stopped. 
So I now have to relearn how to post. I will be using the CLASSIC Version as it is easier that the Block Version.
Please forgive all of the mistakes. I know that there will be a number of them. I was an English Major. I taught school for 17 years and then ran a homeschool program for 6 PLUS years. 
I have loss a lot of my English Vocabulary  / Speaking Skills over the years. 

I saw Neisha’s video yesterday : August 31st. Perfect timing. September had yet to officially start.
She gave me the incentive to try and better MYSELF this month.
September was always a favorite month of mine. 
In Illinois, it meant the Fall Colors would be here soon. The nights would start cooling off a bit. Summer would finally end. I hate summer in Illinois. (I really hate it in Florida. It never really ends there).
In Colorado, Fall meant cooler days and colder nights. I thrived all year there but Fall was special. The Aspens called my name. The mountains called me home.
In Florida, It just means HURRICANE SEASON, Rain and STORMS and More hot and Humid weather.
Things To Do: Explore Pere Marquette State Park | Grafton, Illinois

Photo From Pere Marquette State Park Overlooking The Great River Road And The Mississippi/ Illinois Rivers

The Bluffs | Alton illinois, Alton, Southern illinois


Big Aspen Happnin' Fall Festival in Cripple Creek, Colorado

Cripple Creek, Colorado . In The Fall.

APOD: 2017 September 3 - A Waterspout in Florida

Florida In September.


Our Neck Of The Woods. We always have at least one baby born in OUR YARD every year. This year we had 2. They were born a week ago.

Day 1 / September


Yes, Our Christmas Tree Is Still UP. Baby Girl loves to lay underneath it. She will look up at the lights for ever. Plus she loves her Train.
I love the tree. It’s a cheap tree but I found ornaments that reminded me of our past, present and hopefully the future. It’s our MEMORY TREE.
The real reason it is still up is because I just decided I LIKED It. I love the red and white lights. I never turn them off.
On my darkest days, I can go to the tree AND REMEMBER.
Danny is working LATE FIELD and will be home SHORTLY.

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