September’s Health And Wellness Challenge -Day 3 /Inspired By Neisha Loves It On YouTube
Neisha Loves It On You Tube

WHEW! What an ordeal.
I have been busy trying to update my blog.
I have been blogging for 5 years and I still can’t figure how anything works.

Long story short because today is almost over and I need to get this out.
I finally have a LOGO for my site. An Official one.
I picked out a SEO as well. Or at least I thought I had. I downloaded one… mind just forgot the name of it even though I have seen it all day. LOL
I was doing rather well or so I thought UNTIL I went to write a post.
It wouldn’t let me Add A Category. I couldn’t Tag anyone and I had to at least tag Neisha.
I couldn’t add her link with the video.
Nor could I add any of my photos.

I wanted to add my new LOGO.

How do you like it?

This challenge seems to be helping me already and it’s only Day 3. Well, Day 4 because I saw Neisha’s video then and started planning.
Motivation is something I need everyday.

Danny and I have had more quality time today than we normally do. It wasn’t very long but it was QUALITY TIME VERSES  just TIME.

Not a recent picture. It was taken 6 or 7 years ago. Before I started aging and gaining weight.

I actually got some much needed sleep after Danny left at 8AM.
Staying up all night just doesn’t work at 61.

Dinner for me tonight.
Danny will have angel hair pasta. More cheese. Garlic Bread.

Danny’s after work snack.
Oh how I wanted it.
It wasn’t time for me to eat yet and  tortilla chips aren’t Keto.

I am going to close for now. It’s after 9 PM and I have yet to eat.

Goodnight from Our Neck Of The Woods And Rolling Meadows Ranch,
God Bless,
Love and Hugs, Sarah


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