Sunday, Day 6- Staying Upbeat And Eating Right (Trying Hard) More From Me In The Comments.

                               Sunday, Day 6- Staying Upbeat And Eating Right (Trying Hard)

Day 6 of My Health And Wellness Challenge

More From Me In The Comments.

Inspired  By Neisha Love It
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Yeah, I admit, that I have not been motivated at all today.  Feeling like I need to hibernate in a room all to myself. Hard to do in a house like our with an open concept. One room is a train room.  One  Danny took over as his computer room. It was suppose to be OUR computer room. The other room is our bedroom. The door shuts but Baby Girl can open it at will. The few times I have tried to use it for some peace and quiet, Danny decides he has to take his bath then. Or he walks through it a number of times.
So I usually hang out in the kitchen. I sit on the love seat and use the table.

                                                                                                                                      My Favorite Mug

Our nights and days are usually messed up since we both tend to stay up late and sleep in late. I mean really late. We don’t have a schedule. Well, Danny doesn’t, unless he is working. I usually do the same things everyday and pretty much in the same order. It just depends on when I get up . I will often go to bed after Danny leaves for work in the morning. My day, then, doesn’t start until noon or later.
I feel better the later in the day it gets.

23 Truths You'll Relate to If You're Really Not a Morning Person | DOYOU

I usually wake up wanting my Diet Pepsi. For years now, I have tried to drink chai latte in the mornings. Usually with way to much Heavy Whipping Cream.
Still better than Diet Pepsi by a long shot but not good for weight loss or even feeling great.
It does make me smile though.

I'm not a morning person. I'm not even an afternoon person. I pretty much start...

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  1. I haven’t KILLED HIM YET.

  2. I was having a terrible time writing and editing this video. Our internet and satellite are unusually slow today. Even my AT&T on my phone is having trouble providing service.
    This computer, ($2,000) has a glitch and I have done everything to restore it. Starting over completely. It just doesn’t work write. Everything checks out.
    Then, as you know if you have been reading my latest post, WordPress has a few glitches as well.
    All in all, I probably did something myself. I seem to be doing more and more of it lately. My brain just isn’t functioning like it should.
    I was praying that going back to strict Carnivore/Heavy Keto would have helped a little by now. It always has.
    I should never have gotten off of it when my dad died. I never really completely got off at first. Just a lot of cheats. Then by this March I was cheating all the time.
    Covid 19 gave me excuses. I know better. Excuses don’t help.
    Part of my problem when It comes to food right now- Is I lost a good part of my smelling and tasting.
    Imagine fixing the perfect RIBEYE then pouring green chili over it for flavor. So I could taste something.

    1. It’s good but I want to enjoy my ribeye without anything added but butter.

      I forced myself to get dressed and start getting certain certain things done.
      Laundry and dishes are caught up. That seldom happens.
      My mood was heavier today. Danny has been a handful. Drinking more since he was off. He stressed about his video which added to my stress.
      I am expected to drop everything I am doing when Danny wants something. He yells from his room and then can’t hear me when I yell back. So I have to get up and go to the door of his room.
      It’s frustrating but I am working on keeping my temper in check.
      Not working well.

      I started this post at 6 PM. I told Danny what I was doing.
      That hasn’t stopped him for coming in and singing crazy tunes or just taking non-stop.
      I would get off for awhile. Then I reminded him of what I was doing. He just doesn’t “Get It’. He Won’t even try.
      I stop and explain. Calmly at first.
      The a little louder. Then I yelled. Not once but twice.
      It didn’t help.

      Around 9 PM he said I was requested to join in on the live chat again.
      WHAT ? I was still trying to get this published.
      “You need to be there. I said you would Be”.
      He said it. I didn’t.

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