Monday- I Got Up. Does That Count?

Monday- I Got Up. Does That Count?

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I had some hot tea while Danny was getting ready. I made him his Cappuccino.

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His Cappuccino was fixed in a large to go mug.

Today was hard to get going. I couldn’t sleep last night. Danny didn’t go to bed until after 5. I knew I would never get much sleep if I laid down then so I just stayed up.

The Big "C" has found me: My get up and go got up and went!
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I always make the bed but I don’t always make it good.

I got Danny off by 7:45 AM. I went to bed around 8:30 and slept soundly (for Me). I woke up around 1 PM and started to get up. I never made it. I climbed back in and didn’t wake up until the work radio went off at 2 PM.

I forced myself to get up.
Made the bed.

I answered my texts from a close friend.
Did a few things around the house and waited for Danny to get home.

I know I have around 10 minutes from the time he calls of to the time he pulls into the driveway.

Grandpa’s Home.

I am closing for now. Nothing happened today worth posting about but I promised to post everyday.
I just don’t feel well.

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