This Is My Life : Memories Of My Childhood : Older Photos Of Our Neck Of The Woods…..More About Me


      The Following Was Written 5 Years Ago. 
The first part was all about my childhood crushes. 
My love of Journaling and Scrapbooking. 
Music : Record Players to Cassettes and So On. 
Lots Of Photos Of Our Early Days At Lake Kissimmee State Park And Rolling Meadows Ranch. 
The RV. 
Before And After Photos of the Cracker House we now live in. Vittles and Mr. Bojangles. 

September 14, 2015.

Writing 101 – Assignment For Day 6 : The Space to Write ( AND So Much More) – Monday, September 14, 2015 

  Most everything here was written Monday Afternoon / evening when I wasn’t feeling all that great yet, needed to write.
Day 6: The Space To Write

“Where do you write? Do you prefer blogging on your laptop in a coffee shop? Are you productive in a quiet room, door closed, away from civilization? Today, describe the space where you write. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting?

Consider these questions to shape your post:

  • What are your writing habits?
  • What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
  • What do you need and want in a physical space?”

Everything above here is from WORDPRESS Including the photo.

This ONE Photo here was taken the day BEFORE we got this ASSIGNMENT.
The Space TO WRITE.
Here you see my laptop. 2 Books. A Journal. And 2 notebooks.
As you will see, I can work anywhere……
But I always have a journal, notebooks, books and a computer.
To the right of this picture lay several ink pens. A pencil. And My DIET PEPSI.
I added a bunch of photos of the house and wrote about it here tonight, Wednesday, September 16, 2015. It is almost midnight so by the time this gets out it will be Thursday.
This is my life when I am not working at the park or here at Rolling Meadows. I write or do things on the computer.
HUGS Sarah

I have always been able to write pretty much anywhere.
I remember being 10 or 11 and cutting  images out of The TV  Guide of what I was watching.
What guy I liked.
For a long time it was shows like Here Come The Brides With Bobby Sherman.

Of course , my favorite singer has always been Elvis. I can’t honestly say I had a crush on him , though.

Bobby started in the hit television program Here Come the Brides (1968) from 1969-71. He also performed in an episode of The Partridge Family (1970) (The Partridge Family: A Knight in Shining Armor (1971)) which was used as a pilot for his spin-off series Getting Together (1971). In the ’80s, he was a regular on the short-lived Sanchez of Bel Air … 

To this day I still enjoy listening to a few of his songs.
Bubblegum music?

Little Women

My other favorite was Michael Cole Of Mod Squad . 
Oh did I ever have a crush.

I would read about them.
I would write things down about whatever happened that night on TV.  I would get the section out of the TV Guide and tape it into the diary.
I kept every part of my life in there.

As a teen I always carried 2 books and at least 2 notebooks  plus my diary which at some point became journals.
Plus pencils and pens. 

I was always babysitting and would take everything for when the kids went to bed. I’d get comfy in a recliner or another chair

I have never not had a back pack ready to go.
Even now, I have a work backpack.
When I was living at home, I had a room with book shelves all around the room.
A record player and a cassette player were my 2 must haves for studying
I listened to music while I did my homework. While I wrote my stories.
See the “Yellow Thingy ” on top of the record player with the 8-track player. That was for your 45’s. Picture Below.
I am old enough to have 75’s.
Danny has a favorite Saying /Question for people Nowadays.
Do the numbers 33 and a third ,  45 and 75 mean anything to you?

Anyway, As long as I had paper, something to write with and music going , I was happy writing.  I wrote about our camping trips. Our visits to grandma’s house.
On my first trip to Colorado on the BUS, I wrote the all the way there. When I wasn’t writing I was reading.

My first road trip by myself.
Alton, Illinois to Colorado.  On the bus.
2 days.
I wrote til my hands hurt. It was a bumpy ride.

When I got to my grandma’s I had my own room upstairs,plus I took over their book room downstairs. It had a desk in it.

I had my portable cassette player.
I was 12.  Maybe 13.
I was in heaven.

High School.

I started writing  about all of our high school events.
I was in a number of writing clubs. On the yearbook committee.

And so it continued.

Life With Bobby
.When Bobby came along, I just got a bigger back pack.
I was in college then.

I had a desk in my bedroom in the first house I lived in with Bobby. I also used the kitchen table for writing.
I remember Bobby asking for his own desk. He was 7. An adult desk to do his writings on.
My dad made one for him. Pint size but like mine.
Bobby would write stories.
I moved mine into the dining room. He put his desk there also.

My half of the room was decorated for me. His section had his train set and books. It became the library.
I was teaching then and writing for the newspapers.

Fast Forward To  2007. 

We Lived in The RV at Lake Kissimmee State Park. Day Use /Marina Area.

Where I wrote in The RV.

I also wrote outside on the picnic table under the awning.

That table was also our table that we ate off of so I constantly had to clear my computer and any work I was going off of it so we could eat. That was MY SPOT to write in the RV. Always. I could look out the windows on 3 sides of the RV and see the wildlife around.

I  took over the table. I left Danny a spot on his side of the table for meals.
If I was using it during the day, it was cleaned off at night where we ate.
I always put my computer up. Always.
I tried very hard to leave the table cleared of my computer and notebooks. The seat of the table was filled with books and work “Stuff.” Underneath was as well.
I kept our leg room cleared. Danny’s side of the seat had a little less ”Stuff”.
I was volunteering at the park full time back then and helping Danny with his
“Stuff” on the computer.

“Stuff “is a word I use when I can’t think of another word to use.

I may or may not re-write this.
Fibro fog is a part of who I am.
This afternoon, hasn’t been good.
I wore myself out this morning, but it was so worth it.
Considering the lack of space we had in the RV, I kept the Kitchen table/ desk as straightened up as normal person could.
You can be the judge as to what “NORMAL” is.

Working oh Schedules and Time Sheets. Diet Pepsi . The radio was always there as well.

My Writing Area. My everything area.

The Kitchen and the view outside

Looking straight ahead to the iving Room and the windows there

Still sitting at the table.

When we were living at the park in our Day Use/Marina area.I would often take my computer  down to the marina. At that time I had MY OWN CELL PHONE and I used

it for internet.
The park didn’t get the internet passed the Ranger’s Station.

Lake Kissimmee State Park’s Wooden Bridge- Zipprer Canal

My smartphone= No Phone service but if there is internet I henpeck away.

The Concession Building . It was closed most of the time back then. I loved to sit there and type away.

The Boat Ramp.

I loved to Sit at the concession building and write. I watch the gators and the other animals . Plus the boats coming in and out.
There was one other spot I would go.
Usually with just my phone.
Down to the wooden bridge. I could sit there for hours.
When I did take the computer there I wrote some of my best “STUFF”.

My Gateway. Bobby gave it to me,

The Den a looking through to the kitchen then the porch. This is how it looked when I first started using the house for my writing.

The old French Doors. I loved them but they were water damaged.

The stove didn’t work. Before I started cleaning it up. If you notice, bottom right……there is a bale of hay for the rabbit.

the island between the main part of the kitchen and the Break Nook.

At some point, I decided to clean up the kitchen and the den of the closed up house we now live in.
That is a story by itself.
I have posted about the renovation of the Cracker House.
Once I got done cleaning and fixing it up the best that I could, I put what books I had and much of my writing things, journal and notebooks in the bookcase.
I moved one of my recliners (I have 2) in the den and the other in the kitchen . A table from a friend was put in the kitchen with it’s matching chairs.
I brought my computer….My GATEWAY my son bought me… and set it up on the table .
I had my own little place to read, write, listen to MY music.
Danny always sat in his recliner in the RV. Always.
Laptop on his lap.

Danny and Mittens

The RV and The House AFTER they started working on it.

The Breakfast Nook Of The Kitchen Before anything was done to it. Old windows. A blue tarp over the roof because the roof leaked.

I was in heaven.

Until the door open and Danny came in.

Have I ever said, my hubby doesn’t mind closing himself off to the world and myself, BUT, He does not like to be by himself?
He won’t admit it.
But he doesn’t.
I was literally at his beck and call in the house. It was that close to the RV.

Same photo. That is how close I was to Danny. I was right inside the backdoor of the house. He was in his recliner in the RV. We were able to yell back and forth.
We also had /have our own Rolling Meadows Station on the radio….just for us…..
Yes, he radio’d me.

The RV and The House AFTER they started working on it.

So here I had my own spot where I could go and have some room. A little space.
Much of the time I was in the house so was Danny.
Good thing I love him.

Sitting outside the RV while they worked on the house. Yes, I can write anywhere

I had gotten this wine for my birthday. For some reason, I drank it that day. ALL BY MYSELF outside while everyone worked on the house, I never drink by myself. LOL SEE THE RADIO.

When It was nice out, meaning  late fall, winter and early spring, I was also using the picnic table under the awning.
I always kept a nice bright tablecloth on it and a flower pot with NON -NATIVE plants in it.
Another story for another time.

The side of the house. To the left is the kitchen and dining room . The window you see was taken out, (Living room) It had a view of NOTHING BUT THE HOUSE. In front of Danny is the MASTER BATH AND BEDROOM and Laundry Room.

The Back Of The House.

The Front Of The House

I was able to plug it in out there as well.
I loved it there.
Danny stayed inside, in his chair.


Early days In the House. This was the other room I use while we were living in the RV.

Early Days In The House. We weren’t living in it yet. So everytime I went to the house my computer came with me.

After we were in the house (4 years ago) and the RV was still there, I did things in reverse.
That was an awesome arrangement.
This time Danny stayed in the house and left me alone.

The Breakfast Nook Of The Kitchen Before anything was done to it. Old windows. A blue tarp over the roof because the roof leaked.

To the right is the Kitchen Before the new flooring was put in. I liked the old flooring better but it was worn out in the main kitchen section.
New windows in the house.

Outside you can barely see the old car port.

I had my computer table looking out into the living room for the first years or so, In what we still call the dining room but will probably never be one.

MY AREA. The radio is on the ledge. My soda is on the right, Everything I needed to work was right there.

I CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED. I was happy in that RV in a way I have never been in the house.

Two years ago, we moved the  RV to the shop at Rolling Meadows…Miles away.

Back in the house I went.
I really HATED to see the RV go.
It was OUR HOME. We had the best times there.
It was OURS.
The Cracker House comes with the job.
Big difference.

I  had My Gateway, although it was wearing out and had XP.

My Gateway

(Man I love that XP computer. I baby it now. It still works well for it’s age.)
Danny  bought me a desktop computer. Windows 7 .

My refubished desk top and our small bedroom TV that was never used in the bedroom.
My Gateway. At one end of the table is a FirstGeneration iPad. No Camera. I can’t upload but I love to use it for a JOURNAL. I also love to play music on it.

See the Radio and my Diet Pepsi. (There are many times I drink herbal tea…..usually watered down) . If It is dark in color, it is Diet Pepsi.

Behind my laptop is my external hard drive.

Computer, Radio and Diet Pepsi. Little did I know when I took ALL of these photos that I would some day be using them like this.

Another view of the table.

Sarah’s Room. The Den. The Dining Room.

My room

Br. Bojangles usually sits near me or in my lap when I write there,

Guess who is Underfoot?

Shortly after the RV went to the shop and I was in the house all the time…Enjoying using the Desktop more and more ……Saving my BELOVED GATEWAY that BOBBY bought me…….Danny decided to Use MY DESKTOP AND THE TV (IN  THE LIVING ROOM) As Part of an ENTERTAINMENT CENTER.

He said it was still MY DESK TOP …..It just had to be in the living room so we could watch NETFLIX off of the desktop. Also the movies he was downloading to the SERVER.

So MY DESK TOP was moved into the darkest room of the house. The room I have never liked. For a few months, we watched movies almost every night.
So it was worth it. I still had my desktop for my use except for movie time…




The desktop took me forever to learn. It was really hard for me. It had too much “STUFF” on it. Danny had to add extra RAM. Extra everything.
It was missing lot’s of features that my GATEWAY HAD.

And when I got tired of watching more war movies and other ones I really didn’t want to watch I went back to my GATEWAY mumbling about losing my computer.

Mumbling worked. I got a cheap laptop. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that my Gateway has or the ram etc of the desk top.Or a CD player.
I didn’t have to BABY it which meant I moved it everywhere I went again. Back to the kitchen. These pictures here were just taken this summer.
We have Central Air but it doesn’t cool off the kitchen. It gets up to 88 degrees in there NOW.
Danny finally put in a WINDOW UNIT FOR ME.  FOR US.
So Now I am often in the kitchen . I also am in there every afternoon or evening waiting for Danny to come home from work.
SO the computer is usually there as well.

My year  laptop in the kitchen. I was waiting for Danny to drive up.

My drink of choice-

Diet Pepsi

The view from the kitchen To the porch

Danny pulling in

I  Always keep the Gateway in the den.
It is close to the kitchen.  I play solitaire on it. (THE ONLY GAME I PLAY. PERIOD.)

Playing Solitaire on it.

This desk has a little set of drawers next to it.
I have 3 of those.
One for every area I usually sit at.
I use this desk area for work for the park. I keep my papers and the schedules there.

The book shelves never got put back in.

Family Photos. The large one is Danny, The candle and basket was from Mom’s memorial service.

Mr. Bojangles and Vittles.

My work calendar

The Den

Favorite Photos

Watching the Carolina Wrens

There is a beautiful set of French Doors there giving me an awesome view and lot’s of sunlight.

The deer by the French doors.

The desktop mentioned is in the living room, close to the enclosed porch, where I usually sit and am now sitting  to write this. On newer laptop.
It is close enough that I watch my movies on the desktop with the TV.
I just turn it towards the porch.

You can see all the way thru the house as you walk in the front door. See ll the light coming from the French doors. The Server, computer and monitor are behind the chairs by the bookcase. 

I don’t like the living room. There are doors on every wall. No windows in it.

The living room. The recliner is the farthest corner is another place I sit with the laptop. Usually if I am not feeling well and need it darker .

But I can see light from the back door. I can see out the French doors in certain places and I can see into the porch and outside.
I can also see the toilet, tub and window where my recliner is.

The view from my recliner in the living room. There are bedrooms are both side it.

Yes, Laugh. I do all the time.
Only I have another story to tell about that.
Another house. Another BATHROOM VIEW from the living room.

Now for my favorite spot to write. The enclosed porch. There are four huge windows in here. So I can see out on 3 different sides.
This shows the enclosed porch where I am , The master bedroom and bathroom. This was one of my all night writing /blogging  nights.
It also means that Danny is up because the bedroom and bathroom lights are on.

The front of the house. You see the enclosed porch. On the left is where I am sitting now.

The other end of the enclosed porch. You can see where we just had the new drain field put in.

I share the room with Mr. Bojangles.

Just this past week here. We always have at least one baby born in our yard every year.

View out of the front windows.

A work day on Rolling Meadows Ranch.

This was the day they brought in the swamp buggies for this PHASE of the Restoration of Rolling Meadows Ranch. The day I was suppose to go as well but I had to watch it from my windows.

Where I sit.

Yes, There are 2 coolers in the room. One is used as an end table. The other is /was being use as a cooler,

That towel has covered that TV for weeks. Why???????

The turkey’s today.

Where the drain field is.

The mowed side.

The TV I have only used 2x’s.

Danny’s room.

See all the sunlight.

My area. I long for a Nice desk and a chair like Danny has. He swiped t from me.

Out the enclosed porch window.

All the way to the kitchen .

I can also see all the way through the kitchen and out the back door. Plus a little bit of a view out the French Doors.
When I deem it necessary, I can open Danny’s computer room and see out his window.

Danny’s computer room.

The sliding glass doors separates the enclosed porch and the living room.

My first generation iPad. I can do a little internet blogging on it but not a lot.
I love to just write in my journal on it. Listening to music sounds wonderful with it. Sitting NEXT TO IT IS A DIET PEPSI. My choice of drink.
Whenever I am for long periods in the house , the work radio is close by.

When I need to…..when Danny is watching a movie…..loudly on the TV…I can SHUT the sliding glass doors and shut most of the sound out. I can still see what is going on in the rest of the house.

There have been times I have gone into the bedroom and sat at the old desk in there.

Do I still go outside? YES, When It finally is cool out. I have a chair in the front yard I often sit at .Plus 2 picnic tables to use. One where I can hook up to the house.

Where I sit in the front yard. It is usually shady there.

Before we had a washer and dryer, I would take my computer with
me while I did laundry all day. At the bunkhouse.

The bunkhouse

Back then Our INTERNET WAS BETTER and it reached there. Now it is slow and it barely works outside.

So as you can tell, I am pretty flexible as to where I can and do use my computer to write.

Could I use it at Starbucks?

I could but WHY?
I hate the smell of coffee. (I do like their treats and some of their chai latte drinks. Way too expensive though and I hate being in town.

I would gladly go to the public library of it was closer.

I dream of nice desks and bookcase .

I would love to have the spare room (JUNK ROOM) used as my compter room. With Cabinets and a desk. Books. A comfy chair. Not the chair shown here. LOL

YES, I can write just about anywhere.