WARNING FROM SARAH/ Michael Brown on The Depravity of a Culture That Celebrates the Sexploitation of Young Girls — BCNN1 WP

Now that the new Netflix movie “Cuties” is available for viewing, we know that it is far worse than we imagined. Yet there are movie critics and movie stars who are celebrating this trash rather than denouncing it. What has happened to our culture? Have we lost all vestige of a conscience?

Michael Brown on The Depravity of a Culture That Celebrates the Sexploitation of Young Girls — BCNN1 WP

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  1. I just saw that segment! How old are these little girls? 11? 12? I can’t believe that producers are having young girls doing this. It is really disgusting and it says that it is okay for girls to be opening their legs at an age like that? I never knew of anything like that when I was young and I certainly wouldn’t want my children to watch that if they were that age, let alone any age! The saddest part is that girls, not only girls but…, so many girls love to dance and it can be beautiful and it can be so many things but why does it have to be so sexual? Its appalling. I doubt any girl who is that age that has been raped or forced into sex will think this is a good movie to watch!

    1. Or Younger. I am pretty relax on what I feel should be on sites like Netflix. I won’t watch a lot of things and I would not have let my child watch a lot of things. But, there HAS TO BE LIMITES. This is unexceptable.
      They are children.

        1. Hello from Florida.

          1. I don’t know how much info you want to put out for the public so you can email me if you prefer….I’m just wondering where in Florida you are? stinewriting@gmail.com

            1. I post all the time about where I live. Danny is a park ranger at Lake Kissimmee State Park outside of Lake Wales, Florida. Just South of Orlando. We live 3 miles from the entrance to the park. It’s called Rolling Meadows Ranch and it is state owned as will. A preserve.
              We have 6,000 acres here. About the same at the park.

              1. Wow, that is really awesome!

                1. I can’t thank you enough. Love and Hugs.

  2. I have never heard of this movie. I’m tempted to watch it just so I’m aware but is it horrible towards young girls? So sad that something like this is considered entertainment because it leads one to believe it is fictional.

    1. I only know of it because of post like this one or through a few friends who have shared it.
      Even if it were fictional, in my opinion, it is wrong.
      The fact that is is real should make everyone STAND UP AGAINST it.

      1. I wouldn’t want my daughter doing a movie like that if she was that young, I mean not at all but especially these little girls!

        1. I agree. It’s heartbreaking.

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