Having A Positive Mindset Is Helping / Vacation News

Having A Positive Mindset Is Helping / Vacation News

Ever since I accepted Neisha Loves It’s September challenge, my mood over all has been better. More positive. Less negative.
I am working really hard on it.
It’s been easier getting up and getting things done.
I am not as ready to tear into Danny when he says or does something that bothers me. I still comment on it more than I should. I am trying to level out my tone.
Saying that :
Danny and I just had a huge BLOW UP. Over what was a simple misunderstanding. HUGE. I was doing really well until he made a comment on how I speak.
I don’t always use the right words.
Once I said dumpsters meaning trash cans.
I am really not even sure if in this case,it was me who was wrong.
It doesn’t matter.
I kept quiet until he made fun of me for whatever it is I said Or he thought I said.
I am not sure I will ever be able to sit still when I am made fun of for my speech.
He made fun of me and I EXPLODED.
Until a few years ago, I had never really argued or got upset with anyone.
If I did, I was calm about it. Unless someone did something to Bobby or another child. The Momma Bear will always fight back.

What’s really bad, is after this happens, I feel stupid for saying whatever it is I said.
In this case: Both phrases are used interchangeably. I looked it up.
Yet, I still feel as if I did something wrong.
(I am not talking about my blowing up, because that was wrong).

Ice-O-Matic B40PS Ice Storage Bin - 344 lb. Main Image 1
What to do when your ice maker stops making ice - CNET

It’s hard for me to come back after we ARGUE/FIGHT. I usually apologize even if I don’t feel like I said Or said anything wrong.
I try and take full responsibility for my part. It’s really hard to do when I don’t feel as if I did anything wrong.
I can’t just shake it off.
Danny already has.

I am so Excited about out upcoming VACATION. We haven’t more than a few days in a long time.
A REAL VACATION and doing it with masks social distancing.


I spend most of the last 2 weeks searching places to stay near Avon Park and Sebring, Florida. Both towns are a short distance from the park and where we live. Yet, A world away. No work radios for one. No running to the park whenever someone needs something. No mail run to the park.
Until Friday, I didn’t know if Danny would get the time off. Yet, I was excited and looked for rentals anyway.
WOW! Have prices gone up. Not because we are entering SNOWBIRD season but because of COVID 19 and the additional cost of cleaning and supplies. Added cleaning time.
We both get that as I am sure all of you do also.
I understand the charges. If we were using Danny’s money for the trip, we would be staying home. It cost me an additional $500 hundred dollars than back in March when I was looking before. And March was SNOWBIRD SEASON.
The problem is: Danny hasn’t received any more pay for all the extra cleaning he has to do EVERY DAY/ ALL DAY LONG. No extra help for any of them.
Again, I know, everyone of you is facing the same thing.
Groceries and toiletries have doubled and tripled.
So what did I do. I found the perfect SPOT. The ideal RENTAL. The only thing better was if it could have been within a few feet of the railroad tracks. LOL
The rental was ONLY $90.00 a night.
(Before all of the other charges)
It is within a mile of tracks. It overlooks a LAKE. It has a huge porch.
From what everyone reported: Great AC with lots of fans. (Danny can bring his electric heater). I intend to set it lower than at home.

Anything over 10 is good for us. With Frontier we get close to 1 Mbps. Sometimes a little over. Often under.

With Viasat we get anywhere from it not working everytime it looks like rain…..to maybe 50 Mbps a few times a month. Paying a fortune for bad service. It goes out almost every day except in the winter.


Download Lightning-fast Internet Speed - Spectrum Gig Internet PNG Image  with No Background - PNGkey.com

Mimosa future-proofs MDUs with lightning fast Internet | total telecom
How many people have a huge tower a few feet from their bedroom window.?Not doing anything.
We do.

We have loss thousands of dollars on things inside the house. I unplug every computer and phone. when it begins to storm.

January yard of the month

  • Special to Highlands Sun
  • Jan 16, 2020

The following was copied and pasted from the Highlands Sun.

I still can’t find the before photo that I saw over the weekend. I can see why they won the award. The house was really rin down. The yard was dirt. No fence.

“The Avon Park Founders Garden Club presented the Yard of the Month Award to, from left to right: Laura, Bill and Enrique Clay. Not pictured is Miguel Clay. The yard is at 600 S. Lake Blvd.COURTESY PHOTO

AVON PARK — Once upon a time there was a little house that dreamed of becoming a fairy tale cottage. The little house was purchased by Bill and Laura Clay a year and a half ago. Today that little house is the cottage it was meant to be.

When the Avon Park Founders Garden Club looks for a yard to present with an award, it is not only the landscape that is looked at, but the whole effect of the house and yard. The yard at 600 S. Lake Blvd., across from Lake Tulane, is enclosed with a white picket fence. Bordering the outside of the fence is blooming blue plumbago. The inside of the fence is ringed with Asiatic Jasmine. Dwarf azaleas run across the patio in front of the house. An old bicycle is painted white and leans against a tree in the front yard.

Other plants in the yard include tibichina, oleander, bird of Paradise, camillia, Royal Poinciana, Christmas palm, hibiscus, viburnum, white Mexican petunia, coleus, milkweed, desert rose and cactus. A variety of fruit trees are also in the yard — pink banana, Indian banana, pear, kumquat, limequat, papaya and lichi nut.

While Robbins Nursery was involved in planning the landscape, Bill and his sons Enrique and Miguel do the maintenance and additional planting. What makes this house a charming fairy tale cottage is the addition of “gingerbread” doors on the front.

The Avon Park Founders Garden Club presented the January Yard of the Month Award to the Clay family. Now the little house will live happily ever after.”

I saw it when looking for the rental.

Really excited.
We are going to Avon Park mainly to see the old depot that is now a museum.

Avon Park Historical Society

“The Avon Park Historical Society does more than collect, preserve and showcase the history of our area. We take an active role serving as a resource for the community. Our research room in the museum, our Sunday programs, the dining car operation, our upcoming celebration of the pioneers of Avon Park, our about-to-be-released historical video of the early days of Avon Park, all attest to our efforts to serve our community.
Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We are also open the first Saturday of each month, selling beverages, snacks and desserts.
The Depot Museum 
3 N. Museum Avenue 
Avon Park, FL 33825
(863)-453-3525          Visit our website


15 Best Things to Do in Avon Park (FL) - The Crazy Tourist


“The museum was formerly the Seaboard Coastline Depot that opened in 1926. In 1981 it became a museum. In 1986 a 1948 California zephyr dining car was added. Luncheons are served for groups of 15-40 people. The building is in good condition. Outside is stuccoed, a pinkish color with white trimming. The building was built for separation of the whites and coloreds.”

Avon Park Depot Museum, Avon Park

Avon Park Depot Museum, Avon Park, United States


There is a platform right next to the museum and the tracks. Really close.

Avon Park Florida Was Named After Shakespeare's Home Town

I really wanted to stay at the Historical Jacaranda Hotel but WIth Covid 19 it wasn’t a great idea. Many of the services aren’t being done right now. The restaurant is closed. I would want to sit in some of the main areas and I wouldn’t feel comfortable now. The rooms are nice. I was going to take the larger suite but it doesn’t have a refrigerator, microwave or table and chairs. Not feasible for a 2 week stay.

Jacaranda Hotel, 19 East Main Street, Avon Park, Florida, … | Flickr

The Suites are on the 3rd floor with balconies. I really wanted that. We could have listened to the train whistles .

Avon Park's Hotel Jacaranda – Cape Girardeau History and Photos
Hot Buffet - Picture of The Hotel Jacaranda, Avon Park - Tripadvisor

Right across the street is the Depot Restaurant.

The Depot Restaurant & Catering - Home | Facebook

We don’t get delivery .

Nozawa offers sushi, sake and (now) Hibachi | VailDaily.com

I am on the lookout for SUSHI.

I saw that PIZZANOS Delivers all over Avon Park. We have one in Lake Wales that use to deliver to our front gate or to the RANGER STATION.
They aren’t doing that now.
Danny and I love Pizzanos. Especially their huge salads.

Red Lobster delivers. Or so the ad said.

Closing for now. Love and hugs , Sarah

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