September 15, 2020/ A Day Late /Writing It At 4 AM/ Praying For Our Country

September 15, 2020/ A Day Late /Writing It At 4 AM

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I totally Forgot To Post On Tuesday

I totally forgot to write this on Tuesday. Never once thought about it. I checked my comments and answered them. I was on the blog briefly. After that , I never thought about it again.

oops, I forgot to take my meds. What's your excuse? | Confession Ecard

Danny was off again today. It was a crazy day and Yet, I am not sure why? We slept in late. Rested. Relaxed a bit more than usual.
I was active on the internet all day.

Catching up on the NEWS.

Why You Should Stop Watching the News | More Positive Outcomes

Not that any of us can forget what is going on in our beautiful country.

Praying for everyone dealing with the WILDFIRES out WEST.

An Inch At A Time: Reflections on the Journey: Prayers Ascending for those  in harm's way ...

Praying for those in the Path Of Hurricane Sally.

Prayer for Protection Against Storms and Floods - Prayers - Catholic Online

The 2020 Elections
The two parties are tearing our country apart. They have been for years.
Every election seems to get worse.
I could say more but I really don’t want to get into a debate. I don’t like either party right now.
Praying that we find a way to come TOGETHER SOMEHOW.

US election 2020: Trump says he's up for a presidential debate... hosted by  Joe Rogan | US News | Sky News

Praying that this horrible PANDEMIC would STOP. Covid 19 has brought pain and suffering. Anger and rage.
It continues disrupting our lives and those we care about.

Does "free country" mean you don't have to wear a mask in stores? - ABC11  Raleigh-Durham

The violence it is caused. People should be coming together as a whole country and not being divided by Covid.
Is it real?
Is a fake?

Trump World Turns on the True COVID Villain: Surgical Masks

The Violence

Riots & U.S. -- Stop Downplaying the Violence in Our Cities | National  Review

Protesting And Peaceful Marches. So many people are angry. Rightly so. Way too many killings. Killing Cops. Cops Killing People.

WATCH NOW: Thousands gather for peaceful rally outside Capitol | Local |

After 911 , Americans Came Together
In 2020, we are tearing our country apart. More and more.

911 Memorial Exhibit Coming To Brookfield Museum | Brookfield, CT Patch

When I started this post, I had no idea I was going to go in this direction.
Watching the news all day was better than some of the things that happened at home tonight.
Our Home Should BE A HAVEN.
It’s Not.

When Your Home Does Not Feel Like a Haven | Women living well, Christian  homemaking, Homemaking

And it has nothing to do with the dishes.
Well, maybe a little.

The day wasn’t all bad.
I made homemade pizza.
Spaghetti Squash.
Did Laundry.
Ran the Dishwasher.
Took A Walk. An honest to goodness walk. I didn’t go far but at least I went.
Caught up on my Bible Study.
I still haven’t posted what I am doing.
Dreamed about our vacation.

Played with the cat.

Spaghetti Squash.

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