What A Wonderful Day In Our Neck Of The Woods/Day 17


What A Wonderful Day In Our Neck Of The Woods/Day 17

I thought I was going to have a bad day today because this is my best friends first birthday in Heaven.
Yet, I spent part of last night talking her her kids and my God Children. That helped.

The Turkeys were here for hours today. That was unusual because they normally just past through quite rapidly.
The first 2 sets of photos were just a few minutes apart. The latter photos were over a long period of time.

I never tire of watching them.

There was deer in the yard today. I didn’t see any babies. She wasn’t here very long.

The deer photos below are from either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Momma and the babies.

Annie Working On Our Driveway.

The huge pile that as sitting IN OUR DRIVEWAY was finally smoothed out.

Can’t Forget Baby Girl.

I worked on the floor some more. I had not really washed the floor well in a while.

I now have one less box in the den. I finally put the bookcase in the kitchen.
The book shelves are full.
Pictures later.

I vacuumed.

It’s getting late and I don’t know if all of the photos will post. Stopping now. More to come.