Monday, September 28 / Sebring

Monday, September 28 / Sebring

Monday was a mess of a day.
One of those days you just wanted to g back to bed and start over.
Except I hadn’t really been to bed.

Sebring : The following set of photos were taken when we were driving around in Circles because Danny has NO Sense Of Direction. Once he gets turned around, it’s over.
Until he finally gives in and just listens. That is usually after a temper tantrum blaming everyone but him. Everyone in this case was ME.

We had missed the first Amtrak train. Why?
Danny didn’t want to get up.

Instead of going to where we has been filming ( less than a mile away ) he decided at the last minute to head to the Sebring Amtrak Station.
That was at least a 15 -20 minute drive, IF, you knew exactly how to get there.
The train was due in Sebring at 11; 16 AM.
We walked out the door at 11: 58 AM

We had a slight chance of getting there on time. IF the TRAIN WAS LATE.

UNTIL Danny drove passed the road to turn off on.
I have to admit, I almost didn’t see Sebring Parkway until it was too late. He never saw it and continued on.
I tried to tell him just to turn back.
No Biggie.
Just a few minutes.
At this point, I really didn’t care of we made it there in time.
I just wanted us to get back on the right road BEFORE THE EXPLOSION I knew was coming when he realized he messed up.
It came and Yes, It was all my fault.
So what did he do. He kept driving East. We needed to go North. He kept going until we hit a a lake and had to turn..
I could go on…
It took us almost an hour to get to the station when it should have taken us 20.
I was being QUIET. Not saying a word.
We were at the station.
Now we had at least a 3 hour wait for the next train.

They were working all around the building and driveway.
No masks. I couldn’t blame them.
They were using stinky smelling chemicals.
We could stay away from them. The station was empty when we got there.
It started filling up and not everyone was wearing a mask. I headed out to the car to wait.
The train coming from Kissimmee was an hour late.

Did we have any trouble getting back home? It only took an hour?

All Danny had to do when we left was turn ONTO Sebring Parkway.
No, he headed straight across the intersection. And drove miles out of the way.

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