Fr. Lasance Tidbits – Pain & Grief, Peace, Heart & Face, etc. — Finer Femininity

From My Prayer Book by Father Lasance The Blessing of Pain and Grief Pain and grief clear the mind and help man to know himself. Trouble sweeps away as a mist all deceits and false living, and leaves man to see himself just as he is. Hence he can study his motives, his tendencies, his […]

Fr. Lasance Tidbits – Pain & Grief, Peace, Heart & Face, etc. — Finer Femininity

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  1. A touching share Sarah! Big hugs to you my friend!XOXO💗💗☕️☕️🍂🎃

    1. Thankyou, I have been AWOL on here most of the last month. Except for the Scheduled posts. In a lupus flare. Just now starting to feel a bit better. Have a good Friday and a great weekend.

      1. Oh Sarah I am sorry to learn of this. I am happy to know you are feeling better. Keep safe and well Sarah! Healing Hugs to you!💗🌺🍃XOXO🍃🌺💗

        1. I got Covid earlier this year when I went home to Illinois. I have had problems all year because of it. Loss of Smell and Taste. I have regained some back but not enough to make food taste as good as it use to. Hard to cook when you can’t taste or smell it. Not fun either. Covid caused my lupus to flare off and on since then. Frustrating but I usually deal with it better than I have this last month. Depression hit. I feel better mentally and that counts a lot. Thanks for the Hugs and the LOVE.

          1. That is awful! What us scary is the flu season and covid this time around.😨YOU’d better wear a good mask and take the best vitamin C tablets, peppered soups and lots of C juices.

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