I Am Thankful For : Our First Fall Weather (For Florida) Day

Anytime I can sit outside and not be overly worried about getting too much sun, is a good day.

If I can sit outside and not be hot, it is a good day.

When, I finally start to feel better, after a long 5 weeks of being laid up…. Usually on the couch, it’s a good day.

Today, was a GREAT DAY. (Not counting anything to do with the elections and Covid 19)


Because I live in Florida. Danny and I live and work at Lake Kissimmee State Park And Rolling Meadows Ranch.

We wear masks anytime we are around people. When We are on Rolling Meadows and in our yard, no masks needed. Well, I still should wear one to help with allergies. I don’t.

Breathing is hard enough without a mask.

Today, I was waiting outside on the back porch waiting for Danny to pull up.

It was 77 degrees.


Low humidity.

I wasn’t burning up.

I was comfortable.

The sun had already gone down.

Neither could Danny. Between the 2 of us, we already sneeze, sniffle and cough all day long. I use to worry about hay fields.

We live in an Oak Hamlet.
I am allergic to Oak Trees (Among other things.)

It was going on 5 PM. Danny was late but I didn’t care. I was outside, just sitting on the steps.
But, I had company.

Then Danny pulled in.
All was good in Our Neck Of The Woods. At least for those few precious moments, outside enjoying NATURE instead of being inside watching it.
I am finally starting to have moments when I almost feel human again.
Yes, I am Thankful For Every Minute.

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