Feeling Ragged And Jittery By Sarah

Feeling Ragged And Jittery

I am not lonely at home by myself. It’s only when Danny is around that I often feel this way.
I usually thrive when I am by myself.

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Today, I am ragged and jittery.
Feeling older. Feeling used. Even though I am home and Danny is at work, I am waiting for the next shoe to drop.
I don’t usually feel like this until shortly before he gets home.
I may need to sleep during the day because he kept me awake all night.
The last 2 days, I can’t sleep and I can’t relax.
He has literally taken everything I have.

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  1. jilldennison says:

    I am so sorry that you are in this situation, and I wish I had some magic words of wisdom … but sadly, I don’t. Hang in … and I shall keep my fingers crossed that brighter days will soon come.

  2. Hi Debra, I am so sorry. Take a relaxing and refreshing walk and enjoy all the beautiful things Florida has to offer. It is amazing what a good walk in nature will do for you. You are not alone. We are all here for you.

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