“Watching The Birds. Our Front Yard” By Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

One of my first videos on my new You Tube account.

I am sharing videos of live here in Our Neck Of The Woods. Both here on Rolling Meadows Ranch And Lake Kissimmee State Park.

Anything and everything.

From the past 14 years.

I have also just recently started videoing me actually talking online.

Something I was always really scared to do.

For years, I have been put down when I mess up talking.

When I can find the right words for something. For example, saying trash cans instead of the dumpter when I talk about taking trash to the park.

I have been yelled at for saying “Careful” to warn of danger ahead.

That phrase scares me if I say it because I never know if how D will react. It use to totally set him off.

To me and many others, it is the word that first pops out. It a warning. In my case, my brain may be trying to figure out what words to use next.

Careful simple means, slow down. Look around. It doesn’t mean STOP” or anything drastic.

Even now, 15 years after that word became an issue, it is still the first word I want to use.

I know I talk to fast. So I always have to word on it.

I still have a speech problem.

Normally not a bad one. Yet, the more I get criticised, the worse it is going to be.

I have not the bullet. Working to overcome my fears.

What’s happening is I am finally free to express myself again. I am coming alive again.

Join my on my journey.

Start following me on YouTube.

I share all about our life.

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