“Watching A Tugboat And Barge Out The Window Of My Hotel Room In St.Louis.” By Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures On YouTube

I went to say in St. Louis for some downtime. I needed a little time away from Danny. To regroup before going home to Illinois.  Going back to the farm after my dad died.

I was enjoying a bit of solitude in a beautiful hotel suite. Planning on relaxing.  Reading.

I knew there would be plenty of river watching. Videos. Shared moments with Danny. But lots of peaceful time for myself. 

Then I heard the first train whistle.

The quite time stopped then.

The next 3 days I spent most of my time videoing the trains and talking to Danny about the trains. Sending the videos to him.,,,,,,,,,,

I wouldn’t change those few days for anything.

I got sick with Covid my first full day in Illinois. I haven’t had a healthy day since.

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