Watch “Old Fashioned Chicken and Dumplings” on YouTube

How do you make your “Old Fashioned Chicken and Dumplings?

I make mine very similar to this. I never ever measure.

I use Bisquick or something similar if I am in more of a hurry.

If not, I make a homemade dough. I love fluffy dumplings with sage and other herbs.

Danny use to want the flat dumplings. I would make those for him . We traded . One time his….Next fluffy. Guess what? He likes fluffy more now.

Chicken and Dumplings is more than just comfort food. It’s tradition. If your mom or grandma made it one way and you grew up loving it that way, then….,that is usually how you want it.

That’s what “comfort food “is all about.

“Comfort cooking” is just like that. When I make Chicken and Dumplings, I like to make it like my mom made it. Then adjust it to our likes. Neither of us measured.

Danny and I both love salt, onion and garlic.

He doesn’t care for carrots or peas. I love both.

We both love lots of chicken. I usually cook a whole chicken. That’s how mom did it. We butchered our own. We never had store bought cut up chicken when I was growing up.

I buy it now if it’s cheaper.

I use whatever chicken I have on had. I often add more chicken. Dark meat.

I use homemade broth instead of water. That’s something I almost always have plenty of.

Not a fan of bullion cubes. Yet, if that’s what you like….then use them.

I like bigger pieces of meat. Danny likes tiny pieces.

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